Portable Billboard Completed

Portable Billboard Signs for Paterson Grain Winnipeg


Paterson Grain is a family-owned group of companies. The grain industry experiences constant and often unpredictable shifts in global markets and Paterson Grain has maintained its place at the forefront of the industry. Paterson Grain’s goal for these portable billboards was to advertise and promote awareness of their company at many locations across the prairies. With the development of these portable sign trailers the task became easy as these portable billboards could be transported from location to location with little expense.

Sokal Industries and Jade Signworks worked together in developing the perfect portable billboard sign system. The trailers were engineered for highway travel and meet all transportation requirements. Steel framing and pressure treated components made sign installation a breeze. These trailers can accommodate two 10’ x 20’ signs made from UV stable fir plywood designed specifically for sign production. The fact that these are doublesided units made them perfect for roadside view-ability.  With full colour graphics they were the perfect addition to the campaign to celebrate Paterson Grain’s 100 years of service.

Jade Signworks was employed to produce the signage, transport and install several of these portable billboards across the Prairies; reaching as far as Alberta. Another exciting and environmentally friendly aspect of these signs is that once a particular advertising campaign is over, we reuse the existing plywood sheeting for the next production. This prevents the used plywood from going into the landfill and reduces costs.

These portable billboards have now been in service for a while and the client is extremely pleased with the versatility and the positive feed back they have received.