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Illuminated Channel Letter Sign for Qualico Winnipeg

Qualico is one of the largest real estate companies in Western Canada. Founded over 50 years ago, Qualico has been involved in many developments ranging from commercial office buildings to single-family homes. In 2007, Qualico started construction of their new corporate office in the Sage Creek area. Jade SignWorks was awarded the contract to fabricate and install the building signage. Part of the contract entailed large illuminated channel letters on the atrium glass walls.

This proved to be a fairly unique sign project that required a great deal of coordination with the on-site construction crew. All the appropriate permits and certifications were obtained for the illuminated channel letter project. The letters were custom-built from anodized aluminum and are over four feet high.  A total of 1748 LED’s were used to ensure the proper amount of illumination. The LED’s have a life expectancy of  over 50,000 hours and due to the low voltage demand, meet the LEED requirement certification. For the letter faces, a blue Plaskolite acrylic was chosen to match Qualico’s corporate colour.  A custom aluminum frame was fabricated to provide ease of install and additional support between the letters. The frame matches the buildings window mullions in colour and size,  making it virtually impossible to see once installed.

For this illuminated channel letter sign, Jade SignWorks coordinated closely with on-site contractors and electricians to ensure a quick and flawless installation. Electricians worked inside the building to complete the final hook-up, while Jade’s installers focused on securing the sign to the building.  An engineering firm was contracted by Jade SignWorks to verify the construction details based on wind loads and structural integrity; to ensure a long lasting and safe sign.

Qualico’s history of excellence and quality in all their endeavours speaks volumes. Jade SignWorks was proud to have had the opportunity to complete their corporate office signage and continues to work with Qualico in their various projects.

This eye-catching illuminated channel letter sign will undoubtedly complement their building for years to come.