Qualico Rendezvous Information Kiosk by Jade SignWorks

Free Standing Information Sign for Qualico Winnipeg


Jade SignWorks produces a unique free standing sign structure for the residents of Sage Creek. Qualico is one of the largest real estate development operations in Western Canada. Qualico along with McGowan Russell Group, developed the idea of having an area that residents can utilize to post and read about important community developments and functions. Not only does this sign emulate strong architectural characteristics of the neighborhood, it is also functional.

On the one side we installed a weather resistant lockable cabinet; the other side is a bulletin board. The materials used for the construction of the sign consisted of large rough sawn fir timbers that we embedded deep into the ground. The internal framing was made with a combination of pressure treated and marian grade lumber. The top portion of this free standing sign was custom cladded with a pre-painted aluminum. The individual lettering “Rendezvous” was made from 1/4” thick aluminum and blind stud mounted. Other finishing components consisted of fibercement siding and polyurethane faux stone panels. The entire structure was assembled on site in late December by our talented installers.

We had a deadline to meet and despite the cold weather we pushed through.  At the finishing stages of the project hoarding was constructed so the interior could be heated allowing all the bonding components time to dry properly. Once all the work was completed, this unique sign structure was immediately put to use. Qualico was very pleased that we met their completion date and they were proud to present to the community a well built sign structure.

For further information please contact us: Jade Signworks.ca