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Stainless Steel Lettering

Quality fabricated stainless steel letters will give your signs and letters a professional and modern look. Jade SignWorks offers stainless steel signs and letters for retail, commercial, real estate projects including logos. Stainless steel signage is unparalleled at providing a sophisticated and professional appearance.

Stainless steel signs and letters come in a variety of finishes such as:

  • Brushed lettering
  • Polished lettering
  • Natural lettering
  • Colour matched painted lettering
  • Mirror finished lettering

Mounting for stainless steel signage is an important factor and the Jade SignWorks design team is well versed at providing insight to the best options. Many variables are considered such as the substrate, lettering size, lighting, outdoor factors, etc. By far the most commonly used mounting method is strap mounted as it is an effective and simple way to attach signage to a substrate and invisible once installed. Studs can also be fabricated from the bottom or top of lettering depending on placement.  If lighting is involved, the process is changed to provide optimal visibility and hide the shadows that are caused by other mounting techniques.

Another popular and eye-catching option that utilizes stainless steel is using plastic or another metal for the lettering, which adds an additional level of customization. The stainless steel could be used effectively as a flat cut finished surface underneath or a sign box with  dimensional lettering in front.

As explained, the versatility and options with stainless steel signage provides many possibilities. Having fulfilled numerous clients’ signage needs, the design team at Jade SignWorks is fully prepared to guide you every step of the way. The end result will be an astonishing and unique sign that will guarantee your satisfaction. For inspiration and ideas, browse the stainless steel section at and consider how this type of sign could make your business stand out.

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