Vinyl Wall Graphics – Winnipeg

Jade SignWorks was asked to produce and install a printed wall vinyl graphic for an outdoor product distributor at their new location in Winnipeg. The main goal being an aesthetic appeal that would grab the attention of potential clients and liven-up an otherwise bare wall. The professional photograph was provide to us in a high resolution format and uploaded to our FTP site ( file transfer protocol ).

Jade SignWorks opted to use a wall vinyl that would ensure high quality printing and ease of installation. The picture was paneled into six different pieces which contained a small amount of overlap to give the final product a seamless look. The important feature of our printed wall vinyl is it’s low initial bond and water based adhesive that strengthens over a longer period of time. This low-tack adhesive vinyl is frequently picked for interior wall applications. Another benefit of this material is it can easily be removed after an allotted period of time without causing unnecessary damage to the wall underneath.

Printed wall vinyl graphics such as the one depicted above provide an excellent option for clients that want to promote products, enhance visual appeal and create a vibrant exhibit for long or short term use. Jade SignWorks is able to create and print high resolution images and graphics for wall vinyls which utilize the full potential of this unique product. Clients are pleased with the results that come from having these oversized wall vinyl prints in their retail, public or office work space. Printed wall vinyls add a strong visual message to observers.

Our professional installers have applied this printed wall vinyl to various surfaces with many obstacles such as support beams, doors and windows. Nevertheless, owing to past experience, these obstacles do not pose a challenge and in fact tend to enhance the visual impact of the final product. The printed wall vinyl that was applied above had to be placed around a doorway and cut to conform to a small set of stairs. The final product was well received by the client and Jade SignWorks completed yet another printed wall vinyl graphic. Visit the Jade SignWorks website for ideas and further examples of our completed projects.