Community Entrance Sign for Southdale Winnipeg

A jam-packed Southdale intersection was the first in Winnipeg to be retrofit with a traffic round-about. With the construction of the round-about completed, The City of Winnipeg initiated a new community entrance sign that would welcome people to the community entering from Bishop Grandin Boulevard.  Jade SignWorks Inc. was awarded the contract to build this interesting curved wood and steel community entrance sign. The design and concept was developed by McGowan Russell Group. The structural engineering was provided and overlooked by Dillon Consulting.

The production of this sign presented many construction challenges such as; heavy steel forming, fabrication and wood shaping. Due to the nature and size of the various metal components involved, such steps as transportation and installation on site as well as the location itself posed various challenges. The fabrication of the Southdale community sign was mostly done on site and given the amount of traffic in the work area,  required an appropriate amount of planning to ensure a safe worksite for all.  Another hurdle to deal with was ensuring that the wood was shaped to the appropriate angles to fit perfectly onto the curved steel frame. This would result in a gap free sign face.  All these challenges were easily overcome by Jade SignWorks due to the construction and installation experience we have acquired over 16 years of business.

This community entrance sign was engineered with the following specifications and components:

  • Curved heavy steel c-channels
  • Large steel posts and baseplates
  • Three 2 feet x 15 feet deep concrete piles with galvanized reinforcing steel cages
  • Appearance grade 4 inch x 6 inch fir timbers that were custom milled
  • Embedded concrete anchor bolts

All the steel components were sandblasted and galvanized in order to be maintenance free. The appearance grade fir lumber that was utilized to produce the sign face and was shaped by CNC cutting equipment. The lettering was engraved into the lumber and then followed by traditional hand-painting to add a touch of colour. The entire wood sign was then coated liberally with an anti-graffiti and UV sealant.

The completion of this community entrance signs was on schedule and within our clients budget expectations. The City of Winnipeg and Jade Signworks is extremely pleased with the community entrance sign which, given the attention to quality and detail, will ensure a lasting product for years to come.

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