Banner Sign Installed in Winnipeg District Area

StreetSide Development Corporation is in the process of building condominiums in the heart of the Winnipeg District area. Having purchased several buildings, they are past the initial stages of construction for several units and are now in the selling phase. To advertise these new concept District Condos and attract potential buyers, StreetSide decided on a very large banner sign and requested that Jade SignWorks design, produce and install it.

For this large banner sign, Jade SignWorks opted to use an 18oz heavy weight scrim vinyl to withstand the elements. It will also ensure a long lasting sign through the multiple phases of development. These banner signs typically have reenforced edges that prevent the mounting hardware from tearing the banner. Large banner signs are a cost effective option which provide eye catching advertising.

Installing banners of this significant size ( 16 feet x 24 feet ) can pose some challenges. It is imperative that folds and wrinkles are worked out, while avoiding over-stretched material. High winds are another concern; although there was wind present, it was not strong enough to impede the install. Caution was used in the hammer drilling process because old brick buildings are prone to crumbling when drilled. These typical problems were compounded due to the size of this particular banner sign; nevertheless the install was finished quickly and efficiently by our skilled installers.

The end result was a very well installed, large and highly visible banner sign on James Street. StreetSide Development is extremely pleased with the amount of attention that this banner is producing.