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Chief Peguis Greenway Signage Project

The Chief Peguis extension signage project provided Jade SignWorks with the opportunity to full demonstrate our flexibility and passion for completing a larger scale project with many different and unique types of interpretive signage. Bituminex Paving Ltd. awarded Jade SignWorks with the bid for all the pathway and interpretive signage along the road extension. With that came the responsibility of working in cohesion with all the other various contractors and sub-contractors. Attending safety meetings, ensuring proper engineering standards were met, communicating with all the responsible parties involved through an exhaustive, yet necessary amount of correspondence to ensure completion in a timely manner, while maintaining our high standard of quality. What resulted was one of the most interesting and enjoyable jobs of the summer, which left everyone involved pleased with the final result.

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To start, engineering for all signage was carefully coordinated with the architectural firm that supplied the blueprints. Effective communication was required to ensure that no mistakes would be made in the manufacturing or installation of the community signage. Once ready, production of all the various metal components for the community pathway signs began.

directional sign post

There were several different parts to the entire project. Streetlamps along the pathway needed directional signage to indicate to pedestrians upcoming intersections and roads. A pedestrian bridge that crossed over the Chief Peguis highway needed large aluminum signs mounted to the two pillars at each corner. Interpretive signage containing detailed information about the history of the area, flora and fauna, maps and other pertinent information were to be assembled and mounted on pyramid stands along the trail.

custom dimentional lettering signs

Each of these aforementioned types of signage all required completely different construction methods and materials.

Throughout the entirety of this project, special attention was given to public safety and work-sage conduct. Because the majority of the signage was directly on the pathway, Jade SignWorks installers were constantly having to ensure that the general public would be able to safely pass by. The direct result was that despite the public setting and frequent pedestrian traffic, there were no incidents or complaints.

Custom Directional Signs

Although Jade SignWorks has done numerous large projects in the over 20 years in the signage business, coordinating with such a large amount of companies was somewhat challenging. Nevertheless the project was completed on time and on budget. Everyone from the architectural firm to the city representatives were all in open admiration of the resulting signage. Jade SignWorks continues to work on many community pathway signs, as can be witnessed by the photos on our work gallery on our website.

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