Manitoba Floodway Authority Signage

In July of 2012 Jade SignWorks was awarded the contract for all of Manitoba Floodway Authority signage. This was to be the finishing touches of a pathway that had been built on the expanded burms all along the floodway from St. Mary’s Road to past Bird’s Hill park and finishing at Lockport. This project had three main parts to it:

• The fabrication and installation of “kilometer” markers along the pathway which provided an indication of progress at every kilometer for a total of 46 Kilometers.

kilometer trailmarker

Mapping the floodway to accurately stake the kilometer markers was imperative prior to installation. Jade SignWorks was able to accurately measure out the distances using a handheld GPS and stakes. Some sections of the floodway were impassable by vehicle and had to be measured on foot for an accurate reading. Once complete, holes were excavated and promptly filled with the cedar timbers. Reflective panels were another safety precaution that was immediately installed to the posts once they were in the ground to avoid any accidental collisions.

gps mapping trail signs

• Fabrication and installation of trailhead interpretive signs and entry signs on cedar structures. The trailhead signs provide valuable information about the Floodway as well as raising awareness to the importance and history of the surrounding area. Entry signs were for vehicles entering the parking lots along the floodway.

drilling post holes

To start, custom milled 8″x8″ cedar posts were ordered from British Columbia as well as galvanized  steel rods and hardware to tighten the timbers together. Once put together they created a surface to attach the sign faces to. Holes were drilled in the beams which were then through bolted together. The structure was routered to resemble a wave cresting at the top of the sign structure. After that was finished, all boards were individually marked and stored till install to ensure a perfect fit.

The sign faces were composed of two separate parts, at the very top were 1/2” thick aluminum dimensional letters showing the logo and acronym of the project. Underneath a large aluminum board detailing important facts and information about the path and its surrounding area as well as providing a convenient map listing all entryways and reference points along the trail. These were only attached to the cedar after it had been installed and on site for 6 months to acclimatize . The reason being, cedar (and any other wood for that matter) shrinks and moves as it drys over time. Had the sign faces and lettering been attached immediately they would have warped considerably and compromised the appearance and durability.

point of interest signs

• Fabrication and installation of point of interest interpretive signs to raise awareness of all the diverse aspects relating directly to the floodway, such as topography, ecology, history and more. These signs are attached to powder coated steel single pedestal structures fixed in concrete.

installing signs

Due to the fact that these structures were made of metal, this portion of the project was saved for last as it did not need any time to acclimatize to the outdoors before attaching sign faces. To prepare for install, jigs were built to hold the post in the cement till it hardened. Posts were fabricated, painted, through bolted and supplied with strips of highly reflective bands. Jade SignWorks install crew was divided into two parts that worked synonymously for maximum efficiency. The first crew drilled the hole, inserted the post and fixed it into the ground using the jig. The second crew followed with a specialized cement mixer capable of maneuvering through the floodway with ease. Once poured they were covered and quickly set overnight.

working safely

An important aspect throughout this project was ensuring sign installation safety at all times to avoid any accidents. All workers and vehicles maintained high visibly and communicated with the Manitoba Floodway Authority at all times whenever entering the floodway. Pedestrians were given right of way, our strict policies on sign site safety were enacted at all times. Also, buried utility locates for all the various lines and infrastructure running through the floodway was acquired prior to any installation. Despite the 16 month term of this project, no injuries occurred, undoubtedly a testament to our rigorous safety standards and excellent installers.

Floodway sign

Manitoba Floodway Authority was highly impressed with all the work Jade SignWorks had completed, expressing nothing but open admiration at our efficiency and quality of work undertaken.

Here is more information about the Duff Roblin Parkway Trail from the floodway authority.