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Vehicle Wrap

Now is the time to consider a vehicle wrap as an invaluable and effective component to your marketing strategy. Vehicle wraps are relatively cost effective when compared to other forms of advertising. Jade SignWorks has an expansive portfolio of completed projects that demonstrates our ability to provide quality vehicle wraps at a competitive price.

Vehicle wraps will increase your exposure simply by driving your vehicle. Simply parking the vehicle outside will provide 24 hour visibility and raise awareness of your business. The team of designers at Jade SignWorks know that an effective vehicle wrap design will be eye-catching yet capable of delivering the required information within a short amount of time.

In addition to the marketing benefits, wraps also provide a protective film on your vehicle. Wraps aren’t only for commercial advertising purposes, they can be used to change the colour of your vehicle, or be an alternative to a paint replacement.

Jade SignWorks has installed numerous vehicle wraps in the past and our team is able to wrap cars, trucks, trailers, boats and fleet vehicles. Each vehicle is different in design and size which makes each job unique. Wraps have to be designed to accent your vehicle in appropriate areas and follow the contours and lines of the vehicle. All these considerations are taken into account when designing your wrap, while providing a high standard of quality that is synonymous with Jade SignWorks.

Pricing depends on the size of your vehicle, number of vehicles and the intricacy of the project. We work with all price points, and we will design and install a wrap that will create a greater awareness for your company.

Take advantage of the advertising power of your vehicles to stand out today. Browse the vehicle graphics section on our website Jadesignworks.ca