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Billboard Signs

Jade SignWorks has extensive experience with billboard signs in Winnipeg. From design to installation, we have perfected this style of signage to provide a consistently high quality product. This versatile and comparatively simple type of sign is affordable and effective.

These billboard site signs are used for many purposes and can be used for short and long term applications. The list of uses for this sign type is as varied as the potential materials from which it can be made. Examples include:

  • Construction site signs
  • Government signs (Federal, Provincial, Municipal)
  • Realtor signs
  • Commercial signs
  • Safety signs
  • Retail signs
  • Event signs

Billboard site signs come in various materials and designs depending on a clients needs and Jade SignWorks will provide advice and recommendations as to what is best suited for your project. The following options are to demonstrate the amount of choices available. Some examples of commonly used substrates / materials are:

  • UV-board
  • Overlay plywood
  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Coroplast

There are numerous forms of applying graphics to these particular signs. The most common are vinyls and laminates. Anti graffiti laminate is a prime example as this product ensures the protection of the sign from vandalism. Once the appropriate materials have been selected, our skilled team efficiently fabricates the signs while retaining our signature quality.

The support structure of a sign is often the most overlooked aspect. At Jade SignWorks, we put an emphasis on building a sound sign structure and back bracing if required. The structure is only constructed once these important factors have been addressed: wind load, overall height, project life, budgetary constraints and sign surface area. Sign posts are set using lime stone gravel or concrete for more permanent structures. To complement the sign, a coat of paint is added to the framing and back bracing to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing.

Common sign structure materials include:

  • Douglas fir wood
  • Pressure treated spruce wood
  • Steel (U-channel, i-beam or tubular)

The knowledge attained from years of experience in the sign industry demonstrates the endless potential use for this type of signage.

We have many examples of completed billboard site signs on our website to inspire you and demonstrate the potential for your next billboard sign project.